Designing Without Limits

At Spring Engineering, our architects are always innovating. Our intent is to inspire our clients with our understanding of the way designs, shapes, and colors can interact with each other in one space. Our goal is to design facilities and sites that properly accommodate people and their daily activities with texture, warmth and grace. Our project decisions focus on what will best meet the real-world needs of a buildings occupants. Throughout the Architecture process, we help our clients to envision their design ideas by creating life-like renderings and high-quality presentation boards, generated through our sophisticated design software.  To see a sampling of our architectural work, click here.

SEI’s Architects and Staff adhere to and are extremely cognizant of our client’s specific design and construction requirements. With this being said, there are many steps involved to achieve this ultimate understanding:

1) Design Review:

A multi-step process beginning with the initial meeting to discuss design and goals.

2) Value Engineering:

Using our in-depth knowledge acquired from many different project types, SEI can suggest many different cost-effective building alternatives.

3) Budget Estimating:

From SEI’s extensive database of project cost information we are able to develop comprehensive and accurate budget estimates.

4) Quality Control (Design and Construction):

SEI Architects review project documents at three points in the process: schematics, design development and construction documents. This allows for any errors and omissions to be corrected before construction begins, avoiding costly change orders.

5) Cost Control:

This step is of paramount importance to us. We are thoroughly committed to ensuring that the project is completed on-time and on-budget. SEI embraces the “Zero Change Order/Partnering” approach encouraging all parties to collaborate and review the project documents to prevent any change orders.

6) Change Order Negotiations:

Change Orders may happen. Luckily for our clients, SEI is the best in the business when it comes to change order negotiations. Our staff has been extensively trained and counseled to thoroughly review and challenge all change orders.

7) Project Close-Out:

SEI project close-outs are handled in a systematic way to ensure completion of all punch items and construction paperwork/documents so the project ends up exactly the way the client envisions it.


“Spring Engineering has become a trusted partner and one that I am fortunate to have.” - Adam Chimner, Design Director of AMSI Automotive Management Services Inc.